Three ranges of wine sharing one unique savoir faire
Behind the label “Domaine Raissac”, you will find a harmonious and lively Languedoc vineyard with a mosaic of soils cultivated since Roman times. Each vineyard boasts vines specific to their own soil and micro climate. This diversity of land creates “cuvees” with strong personalities as well as varietal and subtley blended wines.

Gustave Viennet, the sixth generation of the family’s winegrowers, has been responsible for the last decade of the development of Château de Raissac wines. He has succeeded in creating an interesting range of wines, thanks to his skills in the wine making process and his ability to explore the potential offered with the appellation IGP Pays d’Oc and AOP Languedoc.

The wines are aged in a unique 17th century cellar carved into chalky rocks. The cellar has been modernized and keeps a constant and ideal temperature and constant hygrometry. Very much concerned by the ecological aspects of wine growing, Gustave and his staff have decided to follow the rules of sustainable agricultural techniques.

The result: elegant and balanced ''cuvees'' expressing the best of “Terrasse de Beziers” soils. Appreciated in many countries, this range of wines is in perfect harmony with Mediterranean flavors.