Harvest time
The grapes are picked at maturity to guarantee their aromatic potential and the quality of tannins.

The major part of our vineyard is machine picked ; this allows a quicker reactivity to the grape maturity, the harvest being quicker and easier controlled and collected. Another advantage is the possibility of harvesting at night to keep the necessary coolness of the grapes : a method established at Raissac for all the whites, rosés and some red wines. Healthy grapes, thanks to our dry climate and our controlled limited production, do not require the manual picking which remains necessary in other regions.

Nevertheless, no vegetal debris (leaves, petioles, stokes) remain in the harvest thanks to the destemming process to preserve the fruit and roundness and avoid any herby taste.

A few vineyards are handpicked for the late harvest, and for our high standard cuvees or more fragile grapes.