A respectful way of cultivating
The approximately 20 year-old Raissac wines are thoughtfully and traditionally cultivated, marrying respect for nature and the desire to reach the highest grape quality.

The domain has adopted pruning methods according to the single Guyot and the cord of Royat. The vines are trellised to favour sun, ventilation and reduce moisture or sanitary problems. The production is limited to an average of 55 hectolitres per hectare with a density of 4444 vines per hectare.

The phytosanitary treatments are in this way reduced to a minimum and only used under threatening climactic situations. Being obligatory, the only insecticide used at Raissac, is the treatment against the leafhopper of “flavescence dorée”.

In the same way, the soils are respected with limited weeding in order to preserve the soil balance and micro life. Four to five yearly ploughings are done mechanically with an “intercep” tool (allowing us to work in the rows without lateral movement of soil).

The vineyard is looked after by a team of 4 permanent workers who live the passion of this land and its wines.

The natural environment of the domain is well preserved : ''garrigue'' ; scrubland (thyme, cists, rosemary, lavender…), pine, oak, olive, fig trees, “azerolls”, almond trees and blackberries…

The obligatory traceability was already established at Raissac in 1998, guaranteeing the quality of its products and a close follow up from the vine to the bottle.

certification HVE
The Château de Raissac is certified at the highest level (level 3) of the High Environmental Value certification.