Vineyard & Wines,
a ''terroir'' bathed
in sunlight
Guest rooms,
an authentic, elegant
and artistic atmosphere
museum and
a creative studio
Located just outside Béziers, the Château de Raissac is an exceptional estate in the heart of 50 hectares of vineyards. It has been the home and the passion of the Viennet family since 1828.

Today, Gustave Viennet and his wife Marie continue the tradition and share their attachment for this Château and their passion for great wines. Its wine cellar offers elegant and aromatic wines which are the product of two centuries of care and constancy. Guests can enjoy the château with its elegant bedrooms, and beautiful reception rooms for seminars or private events. Visitors can expect a refined and welcoming atmosphere in a private home.

The Château de Raissac has been a home for art and artists for several generations. Christine and Jean Viennet have brought all their creative energy to the domain. Christine, a renowned ceramist, has founded a Museum of Ceramics and of 19th century Arts of the Table in the beautiful old stables. Jean, a painter of amazing fantasy invites you to discover his portraits and murals in the Château.

The Château has been dedicated to its wine heritage for generations combining the two passions of wine and art.

You are invited to discover the elegant bedrooms, creative and high quality Mediterranean cuisine and beautiful reception rooms for seminars or private events.

The style, the life, the homely but refined atmosphere of the Château will enchant and charm you.