Today : art & wine
Gustave and Marie Viennet have today taken over the tradition of wine growing at the Château de Raissac. They share the passion and ambition for wine to lead a vast domain and to produce the best wines.

Jean Viennet, who first took over the restoration and planting at the domain, focuses today on his painting. Grandson of Gustave Fayet, an artist and important art collector who restored the Abbaye of Fontfroide (1908), Jean has inherited his great-grand father’s artistic and exuberant character.

His Norwegian wife, Christine Eyde Viennet, ceramicist of international renown, has founded a Ceramic Museum in the old stables of the Château.

Jean and Christine Viennet have spent nearly 30 years restoring this beautiful domain and welcome you today, to the museum where you will discover their art work. During your stay, you will share the ''art of living'' so very unique to Raissac.