Wine making and gentle ageing
Built on a hill named Puech Cocut, the wine cellar is the heart of the domain. Carved directly into the chalky rocks in the XVIIth century, this cellar offers optimal conditions of ageing and storing wines due to its constant hygrometry and temperature. The wine making is carefully and lovingly led by Gustave Viennet.

His methods are traditional, combined with modern techniques and a close temperature control during the whole wine making process.

One rule : softness.

The wine making
In order not to treat the wines harshly and to avoid rushing them, the clearing process is done by successive racking of the tank, excluding all fining agents. Gravity is the most natural way to help the sedimentation of the lees and only one filtration is required before the bottling. The wines are then conserved in perfectly adapted tanks avoiding changes in temperature.

The vatting period can take a long time and the ageing is done in tanks or in barrels, according to the type of wine.

The white wines benefit from the ageing on lees with regular stirring, providing lasting and complex aromas, guaranteeing a strong bouquet.

The Puech Cocut cellar has an ageing room of 150 barrels and 12 concrete tanks, placed against the natural rock to guarantee the perfect temperature stability the whole year round.